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Le Diner Sur Mer has become both, a networking opportunity for its guests, as well as a chic and elegant event in the community. Our partnership program is a very diverse sponsorship opportunity. As a Partnering Sponsor of Le Diner Sur Mer, your company will receive incredible benefits but also endless brand/company recognition for months leading up to the event and your return on investment can be measured months after the event. You will also have exclusive opportunities to meet and network with the city's thriving members and their guests consisting of VIPs, small business owners, social media/cultural influencers and the city's growing, exciting and diverse arts & business development communities and leaders.  

Partnering with us gives you visibility because our event is livestream on different media platforms nationwide. Our most recent livestream ended with over two hundred thousands people watching. Each year, Le Diner Sur Mer starts a massive pre-event marketing campaign in various markets. Including but not limited to conventional & social media advertising via television, radio shows & social mv cxxxcedia platforms. These campaigns generate millions of valuable impressions that our partnering sponsors will directly benefit from. The event day is just one part of the marketing and brand awareness benefits. 


Each partnering sponsor request will undergo a rigorous review to ensure that the proposed partnership falls in line with the mission of Le Diner Sur Mer.  All partnering sponsors are required to give a direct benefit/discounted return to members/guests either during the event or after the purchase of a ticket/event registration. Our Partnering Sponsorship may be accepted as financial support, in-kind trade or a combination of both, as long as the minimum monetary value for this level is achieved.
Please review the below Partnering Sponsorship opportunities and associated benefits, click on the below to submit an inquiry. 

We look forward to a possible partnership and hosting you & your company/brand at an upcoming Le Diner Sur Mer event, A Luxury Yacht Event, Red Carpet Style!


Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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